Stoneleigh History Society

Ongoing Research

Churchyard Memorial Inscriptions - see Burial and Census Database Members of the society have researched, or are continuing to research, the following: Places... The Swan Inn and the Village Club (complete) The Workhouse & Wentworth House (complete) Crewe Farm Birmingham Road Houses The Parsonage Land Use (including the Enclosures)
Stoneleigh Club Village Club
...and people Those who served in the Great War (complete) The Forge and Village Blacksmiths (complete) Stoneleigh Almshouses and their occupants (complete) Stareton Houses and occupants (complete) The School and School teachers (complete) The Farmers of Manor Farm (complete) Personal recollections Oral history collection In addition we are continuing work on: Transcription of Stoneleigh Charity Apprenticeship Indentures, Hearth Tax Records, Jury Lists Genealogical family trees of villagers - available on Ancestry as SHS-1 Other projects include: "Stoneleigh Stitchers" - the story of the pew cushions (complete) The history of the Church
Tower Bells St. Mary's Bells

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