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The following books on local subjects are available: NEW! A Vanished World - The Reminiscences of Mary Cordelia Emily Leigh edited and introduced by Sheila Woolf ISBN 978-1-3999-5475-4 image Sheila Woolf: The Eagle and the Phoenix - Coventry Stories for Young People ISBN 978-908837-17-2
N. W. Alcock: People at Home - Living in a Warwickshire Village 1500-1800 ISBN 0 85033 863 8
Sheila Woolf and Chris Holland (eds) A Strange Time, the Diary and Scrapbooks of Cordelia Leigh 1914-1919 ISBN 978 0 9574216 0 8
Philip Gill Dame Alice Leigh's Almshouses, The Residents 1841-1911
Sheila Woolf Back to School, A History of Stoneleigh School 1740-1976
Chris Holland (editor) Local Aspects of the Great War - Coventry and Warwickshire. Volume 2, with a chapter by Sheila Woolf on the contribution of the Leigh family. ISBN 978 -0-9574216-3-9
Sheila Woolf Another Country, the Story of Stoneleigh Men in the Great War
Several booklets are available in the church, e.g. Recollections of Life in Stoneleigh by Harry Edmunds; Here Come the Girls - a story of Warwickshire's American Wives by Sheila Woolf; The Story of the Stoneleigh Stitchers (sold on behalf of the church), Henry Parkes; Wentworth House; Blacksmiths of Stoneleigh; The History of the Village Club; The Swan Inn (all written on behalf of the Stoneleigh History Society) and A Walk Round Stoneleigh, by Roger Gilbert.

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